Adult Classes

Adult classes are for everyone aged 13 years and above.

In these days of increasing violent attacks it has now become even more necessary for men, women and children to protect themselves. Tae Kwon Do can provide these skills. It is also a great way of keeping fit. Tae Kwon Do is safe, practical and most of all enjoyable.

During the beginners classes:
1. Co-ordination and balance control
2. Flexibility and muscle toning
3. Weight loss and aerobic fitness
4. Basic Tae Kwon Do technique
5. Confidence and self-discipline

Many adults believe that martial arts are only for the young, but Tae Kwon Do promotes general health and wellbeing. The training helps to strengthen and tone the muscles of the body. The high-repetition, low-resistance movements develop a longer, leaner, and more flexible musculature. As well as increasing cardiovascular fitness, the training serves as an invaluable tool for improving flexibility, co-ordination, sharpening reflexes and controlling weight.

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